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Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE)

IBE is the most exclusive extension method!

IBE was created to solve three major problems that guests encountered with traditional extension methods:

damage, discomfort and lack of versatility. 


No damage

IBE creates no tension on the scalp and no scalp irritation from over-direction.


Client Comfort

With IBE you'll be able to wear your hair up from day one with no discomfort.



IBE is discreet and there are no exposed beads. IBE is virtually undetectable.

Never had hand-tied extensions before?

Here's what you need to know:


  • There are three options, 1 row, 2 rows & 3 rows.

  • What's a row? it is where your extensions are secured and kept in place.

  • 1 row is perfect for adding 1-2" of length or for anyone who would just like a little more thickness.

  • 2 rows are for adding 2-3" of length.

  • 3 rows are for adding length and thickness.

  • Each row will have 3-6 wefts on it, secured by small beads and cotton thread.

  • What's a weft? think of a weft as a thin horizontal strip of hair extensions.

  • Are the extension made with human hair? Yes, and they're SO soft and silky!

  • The thicker your natural hair, the more wefts you'll need.

  • The thinner your natural hair, the less wefts you'll need.


We recommend starting with 1 Row if you've never had extensions before.

Starting with one row gives you time to establish your new at-home care routine.


Trust that hand-tied extensions are amazing and a game changer in creating your dream hair.

I'm committed to teaching you everything you need to know about caring for your extensions to maximize longevity.


IBE Pricing

The cost of the hair extensions varies by number of wefts needed and the length desired $350-$1000+ *


-Installation $300 per Row.

-Maintenance Appointment (Move-up installation) $200 per Row (Color, haircut shampoo or blowdry not included)

*Color Rooting of the extensions is included in the cost of your first appointment.


I color my natural hair, Is that included in the price?


IBE appointments do not include the cost of your natural hair color maintenance, but you can schedule your color appointment for an additional cost.

Will my wefts match my natural hair?


Yes. Ideally we order wefts that match your natural or existing hair color perfectly. On the day of your installation, we'll fine-tune the color of the wefts to ensure an undetectable blend with your natural hair.

What's the basic care instructions for my extensions?


We only use sulfate-free and paraben-free salon quality hair products


We use spray on leave-in conditioner or hydrating oil on extensions to keep them from tangling or drying out

Brush your hair and scalp daily

Braid your extensions before sleeping

Always keep your hair dry before going to bed

Sleep on a silk pillow case

What's the best way to shampoo my extensions?


Before you get in the shower, make sure to prepare your hair by thoroughly brushing it to remove tangles. This helps to remove extra tangling during the washing process and ensures to entirety of your hair gets evenly cleansed

Once you are ready to wash, dampen all of your brushed hair with lukewarm water and a sulfate-free/paraben-free, salon-quality shampoo

Avoid rubbing the ends of the hair together while washing to avoid additional tangling

Next, add conditioner throughout the hair as extensions need to stay hydrated

Note- Be sure to fully rinse away all excess shampoo and conditioner. You may find that washing your hair with extensions takes longer and requires more effort to clean effectively.

Make sure that you have enough time to thoroughly complete this process. We don't suggest washing/blow-drying your hair when you're in a big hurry.

How do I blow-dry my extensions?

Start by gently squeezing out the excess water with your hands. When you're ready to step out of the shower,  squeeze it again with a cotton towel wrapped around the length of your hair. Do this a few times until the hair feels damp (no longer soaking).


We recommend gently detangling your hair with a wide-tooth comb or a soft-bristle brush. Don't forget to always hold your hair in place with one hand at the installation point and carefully brush it with your other hand. This process should be done with extra care as to not harm the integrity of your hair or disturb the point of installation on your head.


Next, proceed to smoothly blow-drying sections of your hair using a brush on low heat. Do not rough-dry. 

Is excessive heat bad for my extensions?


YES! We do not recommend exceeding 250 degrees of heat when using any tool on your extensions. Always remember to use a salon-quality heat protectant as well.

Can I brush my extensions?

It is Imperative to brush your hair extensions daily. While brushing, hold the base of the scalp where your extensions are attached to the natural hair and brush with the other hand. Your extensions must be brushed thoroughly from roots to ends daily. This is a must to keep sections and extensions detangled and looking their best. 

Can I swim or go to the beach with my extensions?

Swimming is risky with extensions! We recommend keeping your hair out of the water, but if you want to take a dip, be sure to get your hair wet first with non-chlorinated water. Dry hair is like sponge, soaking up all the chemicals in a pool. 


We love the beach or poolside, but it’s vital to consider the following steps to protect your hair if you choose to engage in water activities.

  • Prep your hair by wetting it with clean water from a shower before entering an ocean, lake or pool.

  • Comb and braid your hair before entering the water.

  • Rinse your hair immediately in a shower after leaving the water.

  • For an extra measure of care — wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo after water activities to remove all impurities that may cause damage to the hair. Then, follow with your regular extension care system of shampoo/conditioner/leave-in product.

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